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Chapter 4 & The End


We’ve had a serious debate behind the scenes and this post is to bring things up to speed and hopefully answer some questions you may have.

Why has the project sludged into silence?
To be honest, our biggest problem with producing Angelus is time. Most people scoff at university students and say ‘they have all the time in the world’. No, this is not true. We’re invested in our studies and both Mitch and myself do writing courses. I’m sure you can believe that writing novels, film scripts and producing films takes a lot of work. There is never a moment when we shouldn’t be working, which severely limits our free time. If we aren’t breathing words, we’re doing something wrong. I feel like I put ink in my tea instead of milk nowadays. I’m sure many of you guys can appreciate having a constant heavy work load.

The second biggest problem is Angelus itself. It’s a great story but is constantly being rewritten, even more so now that Mitch has made it her uni dissertation. With each improvement made Mitch is, understandably, more and more reluctant to produce it as an audio book.

So what’s going to happen?
Mitch is going to close the project.  Great acting has come from each and every one of you. We are sincerely grateful that you stuck with us and have given it your best. May you go on to do more voice acting projects and hopefully feel proud of the skill you’ve displayed throughout Angelus. Sorry those of you who never got to make an appearance, we feel worse for you guys. Please forgive us.

Chapter 4: the final upload
Once we have the rest of Kristian’s lines for Chapter 4 it will be mixed, rendered and uploaded. After this, there won’t be any more scripts flying out to the cast.

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to speak. You don’t have to be a member of wordpress to leave a comment.

Best Wishes


Are we still alive?

Yes, yes, we are – don’t worry, and sorry about the radio silence for what seems like forever.

Thanks for all your hard work getting the lines in on time; I have received them, and everyone’s done fine – there’s no need for redos.

We haven’t got the episode out yet because we’re still waiting on a few people to get lines in, but I know why this is and they all have good reasons. It’s all under control 🙂

There’s a test track at the moment with all the existing lines and music, and once we get the rest sorted we’ll add them in and make it sound sparkly. We’re waiting until then to give out the next script.

Just to let you know everything’ s still moving, and thanks for your patience!

– Mitch

You should be receiving the .pdf script for chapter four shortly if your name is Elliot Skywalker, Ephemeral Sonata, Mooglephish, Bryan Reid, Mizura, or Laura Fedora. (That’s for Erin, Nic, Mai, Kristian, Ada and Emma).

If you are a narrator and you’re wondering why nothing appeared in your inbox, hang on whilst we have a small conflab about how narrating is going to work this chapter, and then I’ll send it to you.

Also, no lines for Ryan this chapter, so apologies to Robert Thomas Hawke, because I know I put your name on the post a while back. He’ll be back next chapter.

Huge apologies for the wait, and thanks loads for all your patience. I hope any exams anyone is sitting are going well/will go well.

As always, if nothing materialises in your inbox in the next 24 hours, or there is any other problem, drop me or Willow a line on our emails, or post a comment below.

At the moment, I’m setting the deadline for the 24th June. (And then Willow will come along and change it, because she knows how this voice acting thing works, and I don’t. This gets much more complicated now she doesn’t live down the hall from me.)

If you would like to chat or video call about your lines, which I know some of you already do, please let Willow know about that, because she is the techie one. As we don’t live together anymore, she’ll then order me to understand this Skype thing, and it’ll all be fun. Don’t feel like you’re bothering me, because I totally love to do this. Also, you know. You’re all wicked cool.

Anyway. Thanks, love, and have a look at the script. Bye for now.

– Mitch

Eep, small delay

Hi guys, thanks again for all your patience.

We’re still working on the script for Chapter Four, and it should be making an appearance next week sometime.

Sorry for the delay, thanks for your understanding and patience!

– Mitch

Actors for Chapter Four

Hiya – work in underway on the new script, and so far it looks like we are still on track for a restart on 10th May.

But I thought I should put up at least a temporary list of actors for chapter four. This may be subject to change, so it could get updated/edited in the next few days. It’s so you guys have some prior warning before a script comes piling your way and you weren’t expecting it:

Chapter Four

Female Narrator: Willow Wood

Male Narrator: The Hallstar

Erin Kastoria: Elliot Skywalker

Luka Cohen: SDC

Nic Xian: Robert Wright

Mai Kinase: Willow Wood

Ada Luther: Mizura

Kristian Senft: Bryan Reid

Ryan Haynes: Robert Thomas Hawke

Emma: Laura Fedora

So, that’s our tentative list right now. More information closer to the date, and as always – anything crucial will be sent out in an email to all you lovely folks.

Till then,

 – Mitch

Yo hey, Mitch here. For some reason my notifications have dropped off the face of the earth, and I didn’t realise Willow had uploaded Chapter Three already!

As she says, it sounds ace, and we’ve got some lovely comments. You all work super-hard, and thanks once again.

Usually we’d be sending out the next script right about now, but there’s a small hitch with that. Nobody panic.

Firstly, chapter four needs an edit, which should be fine, and I’m right onto it. But as many of you know, it’s coming up to Exam Season in the UK (and maybe for some of the rest of you, also). I’m in my second year of university, and Willow’s in her first, and a lot of you guys go to school and college – so we’re all taking a short break so you can chill out and do any revision/coursework you need. (I have to hand in my 5000-word opening to a completely different novel, so I’m a little pressed for extra writing time right now).

Hopefully this is a help to those of you in education, and the rest of you won’t mind the brief break whilst we try to catch up.

I will endeavour to get the script for the next chapter finished by the Tuesday after Easter Monday. However, this simply might not be possible. If not, don’t panic. I finish uni on May 6th, and should have a lot more time to dedicate to this.

So our hesitantly planned date for restarting will be May 10th. If you’re still sitting exams/hidden under piles of coursework when the script is sent out, just throw an email our way and we’ll understand.

Thanks again to all of you. If you have any worries or questions or anything, please leave a comment below, or send us an email.

 – Mitch

Bloopers – huzzah!

Woo! I don’t know what went wrong last time I tried to upload the bloopers. Maybe YouTube was having a bad day.


I apologise now for my crazy.
Robert, I want your ringtone.
And Mizura, you’re totally an awesome commander XD

I’m thinking of making a separate YouTube channel for Angelus. It would be better that adding it to the mix of videos on my personal account, nee?